New Ferrari - Official Music Video

New Mission at Culture Weekend Brooklyn, 2023

Fly Me Out Compeition, Queens, 2023, 2nd prize.

'Racist' live at Jocilda

Way Up official music video

My Whip official music video

Businessman performing "Board Meeting" live at The Social Butterfly, Brooklyn, NYC. March 23, 2019

Businessman performing live at Gasolina Lounge in the Bronx: "7 Figure Deal" and "My Whip" at B-X Open Mic series, june 3, 2018. Slowly the DJ falls in love with his echo machine...

Crowd goes wild on "My Whip" performed by Businessman at Nuyorican Poets Café, Manhattan, New York. My voice was almost gone, but the crowd made up for it!

Live band learns song "7 Figure Deal" by Businessman conducted on the spot while performing it. "All that", live hip hop & poetry open mic evening at Nuyorican Poets Café, june 6 2018, New York.