Tracks with lyrics and audio from the coming album "Board Meeting"
  • New Ferrari

    The Rari sounded like a bag pipe / Wrong steppin on the gas it made a landslide / And sorry, already got a sex life

  • New Mission

    Shit got fucked up but hey, I'm ok bitches. See my dollar chain still I'm runnin' rags to riches

  • Superlight Feather

    I got paper, I got know how - I'm gon' make it - somehow

  • Way up

    I tried to pour em chateaus stupid bitches want fries

  • Racist

    One million Kens & Karens, they live it up

  • Hole in MF

    Lying for sensation, oh you're one of these. Frying your brain up, blame it on 5G.

  • How we make money

    Don' ask what we do - how we making money. Better know nothing bout the cash - do it anyway

  • 7 Figure Deal

    The type of person stab you in the back comes running oh my god you're bleeding are you allright?

  • Way over my limit

    Gotta shoot out the light because I cannot let you walk

  • My Whip

    People say your car's about your dick. Man, look how good I'm lookin with my dick.

  • Feed The Animals

    All that power was for me to feel good

  • Board Meeting (album intro)

    Either you help cleaning up or you're the one to bleed — Livin' the predator rock star, you got it. Become a legend of legends, you got it

  • Weapon: Other

    Don't need a gun I'm a need a toaster

  • Getto Riot

    Cop chopper news chopper lootin cart shopper hoo-rayed it — Something fell, but it was it important? No. He was toast anyway so I ... had to let em go

  • Beats

    Asphalt Drill Woop BK Heavy Most Wanted Live Vocal TracksRari New Mission Way Up Rari no vocRari Clean