Board Meeting (album intro)

Alright, gen'lmen. Board meeting.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you.

Pest control from the CEO

I clean out rats before their chance to breed. ' I can
tell when you bitches saw the legs off my seat
- treason control, I set a loyalty deed, you either
help cleaning up or you're the one to bleed. ' Didn't I 

make clear, ' how deep the trouble we're in, we body-      
bags in the trash if we hesitate again. ' Didn't I 
prove in Excel how much money we win. ' Now is
not the time for fancy power game things. ' there's a      

no-go range, ' doing shit behind my back, ' most
stupid of all's a backstabbin attack. ' If the
ranks ain't closed, do what a leader gotta do. ' Some-
body gotta die and motherfucker it's you

Now if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, 
now's the fucking time


We grow 
cash money three times the speed of sound. Either we
hit the jackpot or we plunge into the ground. Cannot 
have you bunch ' holding your dicks and sit around. ' There's
deals to be made ' and there's money to count ' You'll need a

strong stomach, ' the job can be gross, ' need a
strong talk-it-right for yourself approach. ' be a   
good team playa I'm a generous coach, but if you  
ever fucking with me ' splat like a roach

- broke or bank, this game, you got it
- fuck the most beautiful ho's, you got it
- livin the predator rock star, you got it
- become a legend of legends, you got it

Let's get rich or die trying like 50
Amounts are astronomical, so are you with me?

Meeting's adjourned, get back to work


14-voice brass orchestra by: Frans Cornelissen@sousaphone and @trombones, Coos Zwagerman@trumpet, Morris Kliphuis@french horns.

Either you help cleaning up or you're the one to bleed — Livin' the predator rock star, you got it. Become a legend of legends, you got it